Saturday, October 16, 2010


My blog has been silent since June. While the lack of activity seems to suggest a static style points count, that is not the case. I lose at least a point for each day I continue living in this house. I lose ten each time I reveal my living arrangements to someone. I may lose up to 100 depending on their reaction, which can range from mild disdain (a raised eyebrow) to moderate disdain (two raised eyebrows + mouth contortions) to flat out disgust (two raised eyebrows+mouth contortions+commentary/ridicule and/or air of superiority).

Living with one's parents is a mark of shame in our culture. It is much more respectable to live independently. Paying inflated rent prices on a studio apartment while concealing all evidence of fur children to avoid a pet deposit, being generally broke, eating solely from the frozen food group, and falling asleep on the couch alone at 7pm is indicative of only one thing - SUCCESS. And success garners respect.

I miss my townhouse.

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